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KSTAR Physician Assessments

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KSTAR Physician Assessments are designed to help physicians who want to re-enter practice, have a perceived practice issue or are under a medical board order and need an assessment to demonstrate his/her knowledge base. The assessments review physician expertise to determine a physician's competence and ability to practice medicine.

KSTAR assessments provides the physician with an opportunity to demonstrate competence while improving the safety and quality of medical care. As a result KSTAR provides appropriate resolutions to benefit the doctor, the health care system and the patient. Through the assessment, an individually tailored plan is developed to create higher performing physicians and improve the safety and quality of medical care provided.

Assessments are two days on site at the Texas A&M Health Science Center campus in Bryan Texas, and are individually tailored to meet a physician's needs. Assessments may include but are not limited to: standardized patient encounters, record review, computerized scenario testing, multiple choice testing, mini-cognitive screening, and physician discussions and interviews.

KSTAR is unique from other assessment centers because of our ability to do ongoing monitoring of a physician’s practice through the institute’s Physician Peer Review program.  KSTAR can also create and oversee individualized learning plans when needed, and continues to work on partnering with other institutions to provide training options.

The program offers an opportunity to enhance patient safety through TJC FPPE requirements with a period of focused professional practice evaluation and peer review.

KSTAR works collaboratively with the National Coalition for Physician Enhancement (CPE) and state medical boards.

KSTAR Physician Assessment Application
The following items are requested to accompany the application for a KSTAR Physician Assessment:
  A copy of the applicant's medical school diploma
  Copies of any residency certificates
  Copies of any recent CME
  Copies of all board letters and orders
  Copy of any specialized testing, i.e., forensic psychiatric evaluation, neuro-cognitive evaluation, etc., if they apply to your case
  $350 application processing fee (nonrefundable)